Character design and artwork for "Originz The Superpower Card Game" [<<<]


Card art and designs for "Triplicity" [<<<]


Illustrations for "Baroque Space Opera" RPG Rule Book [<<<]


Main Illustration for "CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling" [<<<]


Album artwork for Extended Summer [<<<]; Wardens [<<<]; and Satellite EP [<<<]


Concept Art and Sprite Design for "Tubetastic World Splashfest" [<<<]


Interface designs for unreleased board game


Main Illustration for game "Gnome Dash" [<<<]


Card art and designs for "Emissary" Card Game (unreleased)


Characters, Spaceship designs and comic pages for "Mindstate" Video Game (unreleased)


Character design and illustrations for “Alien Earth” RPG Rule Book [<<<]